Can Your Demeanor Affect Your Hair Loss?

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Every day scientists learn more about hair loss and get closer to ending the problem once and for all. We already know hair loss is caused by a hormone imbalance, specifically having too much of the testosterone hormone DHT.

It was once believed that genetics was the only reason behind testosterone excess. Now, scientists are learning how some of the simplest, everyday parts of our lives can cause hair loss.

Testosterone is associated with power. Powerful people often have at least one thing in common, their demeanor. The most influential figures in history are often painted or photographed in a forward-leaning, almost looming position.

The boss, billionaire, president, and other “power” character in a movie is often filmed in a commanding position, perhaps standing over a desk talking down to their subordinate or kicked back with their feet on the desk.

Powerful people have “power poses”. These postures have an amazing ability to increase your testosterone levels, adding to the power.

Of course, think about how many times these powerful people are depicted with bald or balding hair?

DHT, the primary testosterone responsible for hair loss, is most associated with aggression. A powerful demeanor is fundamentally aggressive. We know where elevated DHT leads and we now know these “power poses” are also accelerating hair loss.

Researchers at Harvard and Columbia Universities teamed up recently to study the link between demeanor and power and published their results in Time Magazine.

They observed “powerful” people, as in those who are in dominant positions of power in their job, financially, and/or socially. These people had clearly elevated levels when compared to their subordinate counterparts.

The test subjects’ already raised testosterone spiked whenever they assumed a “power pose.” Researchers noticed the subjects had this demeanor many times throughout the day and in many situations. This explained the overall elevation.

The researchers theorized the subordinates with low testosterone could change their power level by changing their demeanor to a “power pose.”

They observed the second group of test subjects by having them assume various poses for 15 minute periods. Almost every test subject had double the amount of testosterone after just that short of time.

On the other hand, the power group had the opposite reaction when they assumed passive or relaxed poses. After only 15 minutes, their testosterone levels fell significantly.

The results were very clear if you carry yourself around with an aggressive, powerful demeanor, your testosterone is going to increase.

To take the study further, the researchers then studied the activities of both test groups. The participants with decreased testosterone made smarter, safer decisions.

The subjects with the artificially elevated testosterone took risks and admitted they felt more powerful doing so. DHT is the specific type of testosterone responsible for aggression, strength spikes, and risky behavior.

In other words, “power poses” are not just raising testosterone, they are specifically elevating DHT.

These researchers did not know it, but they were giving us yet another insight into hair loss. We know DHT causes hair loss, but too many people think it is a genetic malfunction which cannot be controlled.

This is just further proof that our previous beliefs about genes and hair loss were wrong. We can stop our hair loss because we can control the different factors in our life artificially elevating our DHT levels.

We are always learning more about what causes hair loss. A powerful demeanor is just one factor, but you would be surprised how many secret sources of DHT are in your life. In The Hair Loss Black Book you will learn how to identify, control, and stop DHT’s influence on your scalp and hair.

In the meantime, keep this study in mind. As you go about your day, keep a sharp eye out for situations where you are feeling more aggressive or powerful. If possible, find a way to calm and relax without adding stress to the situation. It is mind over matter and you can use your mind to overcome the matter of hair loss.

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